Friday, July 14, 2006

Red red wine

It seems to me that the world looks rosier after red wine because it is red. This fact notwithstanding my world is rosy tonight. I have just laughed and laughed and laughed and renamed Techno V Techno Vino!

I have also JUST introduced my computer to Firefox and it's world is also rosy; firefox is to my PC what red wine is to me! Another very recent occurence is the addition of dark chocolate to my life - mmm dark chocolate and red wine need I say more (at least I know Mom would approve). Speaking of whom, I have been berated this evening for not knowing my mothers web address - Mom please help me fix this failing.

After all this enlightenment I feel the need to read, so this is me, Tank Girl, signing off after another mindboggling episode. Night night.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Read it and cheer

Hah ha! So my global friend and family circle you can now check up on me! I cannot promise to maintain sanity; after all this is my Blog so as far as I know this is where I download my brain to!
Well happenings at the moment are that I am living in Waterfall, KZN, South Africa, working from home with an art and photography printing business ( and doing a bit of graphic design on the side. Spend most of my 'free time' with Techno V (Vanessa to everyone else) who is a web developer. Our 3 Kids Julianne (4yrs and Vanessa's elder) Shannon (2yrs and my angel/monster) and Jessica (1yr Vanessa's younger) keep up busy, fit and in need of the odd glass of red wine. Sean is selling investment property and managing the manufacturing side of our enterprise and we are pootling alon fabulously!
My fabulous friends Lesley Milligan and Ollie Hastings are getting Married on the 26th of this month in the UK and I am devastated that I cannot be there so for any of you who are going please give big huggs and kisses all round.
In my other 'spare' time I have the honour of excersising Janine's (fabulous preggie friend) horse, Steel legend, who is slightly psycho at the moment as he has just been moved to a new home and not been ridden for a couple of weeks. Nothing like a challenge to keep me out of mischief.
I am exceptionally tired after a long day of business presentation and demanding children so am signing off now. All gone, more tomorrow to quote many Coggies!