Friday, July 14, 2006

Red red wine

It seems to me that the world looks rosier after red wine because it is red. This fact notwithstanding my world is rosy tonight. I have just laughed and laughed and laughed and renamed Techno V Techno Vino!

I have also JUST introduced my computer to Firefox and it's world is also rosy; firefox is to my PC what red wine is to me! Another very recent occurence is the addition of dark chocolate to my life - mmm dark chocolate and red wine need I say more (at least I know Mom would approve). Speaking of whom, I have been berated this evening for not knowing my mothers web address - Mom please help me fix this failing.

After all this enlightenment I feel the need to read, so this is me, Tank Girl, signing off after another mindboggling episode. Night night.

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Vanessa said...

You need to update your blog, dude!