Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Birthday boy...

Today is Hubby's birthday! He is 1 year older than he was last year and a better man for it I am sure. His pressie from me??? Men's Health magazine and a 2 litre tub of his favorite vanilla ice cream (almost finished!) He is very easy to please when it comes to birthday presents: he was over the moon and is savouring the mag (though not the ice cream obviously)!

Poppet went to see her cousins this afternoon and hubs is at work so I had a most unexpected afternoon to myself. Managed a quater of an assignment on why language is so important for the conservation of the human race (yes really); half an hour of random surfing in cyber space; a glass of wine.... OK next time (oh PLEASE let there be a next time) I will be more organised and spend the time pampering myself. I mean, how often are you completely hubby and child free with time to spare???

Exercise regime: (makes it sound like torture) going really well. The 6am thing works for me as there is no one else around (bar other runners/walkers) and it is over before the day really begins. This week I went on Monday and today (missed the alarm on Tuesday) and the intention is there (isn't the pathway to hell paved with good intentions?) for tomorrow and Friday! Will let you know how that goes!

This is very dull but since I have not spoken to anyone all afternoon I felt the need to download the old brain somewhere and this is as good a place as any! That's just about enough of that though! Toodle-oo, ttfn, ta-raa, totsiens...

Until next time...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The hardest step is the one out the door...

Well I seem to have managed a walk/run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week... today is Thursday and I am NOT going to go. It is wet and Yuk outside and it rained so hard last night I thought we would all be washed away!!! I need to fix my lack-of-sun MISERY - how can the weather control my motivation soooooo much and more importantly how do I stop it??? That notwithstanding I will be going tomorrow even if it is wet out - I am spending all day today psyching myself up to it!

Quick whinge - What is up with this need to dial the area code even if you are in the area??? Makes for longer numbers than I like to dial - s'posed to be cheaper though... I would prefer it if we just got some competition for Telkom so that the cost of phonecalls would be a bit more realistic without having to dial the areacode first.

On a completely different topic I am off to bury my nose in my Anthropology Module in the hope I get more cleverer :) so I can earn more money!!! (maybe I can afford to pay telkom then!)
Later gaters

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Not sure if it is a Jinx to call this my New Year's Resolution, but nonetheless 'tis my ambition to be fitter and healthier in 2007! My darling husband's Christmas present to me was a brandnew pair of running shoes (my last pair gave up the ghost when I attempted a 10km in them and destroyed in the process my love of running!) and a super cool sports watch with stopclock so I can time my runs! It is now 14th January and I have been for 2 walks of roughly 20mins each! Not a roaring success story so far.

Nonetheless my inspiration is still there and my new tactic is to try to fit my run in at 6am while my exceptionally clingy 2 year old daughter stays at home with her doting Dad. (Should wake up the neighbourhood for the first few times til she gets used to it!) I will let you know how that goes!

My other great weakness is boredom eating - which as you can imagine is not a problem while I am working but - when my daughter gets home from school and we are doing 2 year old things all afternoon I go fooding! This is what HAS to stop! This is where my WILLPOWER is being employed this year. Once again I will let you know on that one!

Well I am off to epend some toddler energy in the pool... watch this space...