Friday, December 14, 2007

All in the genes...

Most people who know me know that my "little" sister Suzi is in a league of her own when it comes to ... well most things in fact! Here are some things we know about Suzi:

  • She is super sociable

  • She likes to laugh

  • She is really blonde under that mop of dark hair... really blonde at times!

  • She has a SEVERE case of itchy feet (the travelling kind as opposed to some nasty affliction)

  • She is always shocked when she realises that someone doesn't think she is fabulous

I could go on in fact... but I have a point:

Here are some things we know about Shannon:

  • She is super sociable

  • She likes to laugh

  • She is blonde.... really blonde at times!

  • It would never occur to her that someone might not think she is fabulous

The distinctions come in due to a slight age discrepancy (for example I might be considered a bad mother if I allowed my 3 year old to dye her hair! And Shannon has not had enough life experience to discover itchy feet for travelling.)

Anyway, the main vein of this rambling is to mention that yesterday my dear "little" sister took it upon herself to leap off a waterfall into the Oribi Gorge attached to nothing more than a bungi cord (which thankfully was attached to something solid on the other end!) and which claims to have something to do with being the worlds highest swing! Knowing this did little for my nerves when it led me to think that in 15 - 20 years my precious little baby will be all grown up and persuing similar thrill seeking adventures of her own.

So how does one go about instilling a height phobia into one's children in order to protect one's own nerves from fraying? Or would that be considered child abuse? Hhhmmmmm.


Geriatric Gapper said...

I remember someone - who shall be nameless - climbing 40 feet up into a pine tree in our garden in Zibabwe (I have photographic evidence) - not to mention parasailing over Kariba and landing in the water wonderering which would arrive first, the boat or the croc!!!!! I call it chickens coming home to roost!!!!!

Geriatric Gapper said...

That should, of course, read Zimbabwe!

Clare said...

haha... never mind climbing up the burglar bars before she could walk...