Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sucker for punishment!

I find running (read walking, as at this stage 30mins walking is tiring enough) on a treadmill exceptionally dull but, as it is the only option I have for consistent and worthwhile exercise, I'll take it. I spend the time engaged in 'useful' thinking. This is thinking that should have some positive impact on life in general. Useful Thinking, as it turns out, is not always a good thing. At least not when you think about deep and meaningful things that can impact one's life. In fact it can be down right dangerous!

It occurred to me a year and a half ago that in order to improve my lot and maybe make a difference to other peoples lives, I should start an education process that will take me 3 and then 1 and then 2 years (undergraduate, honours, masters) to complete which will qualify me, at least on paper, to help people with any number of psychological problems to overcome their issues. Me. Really. Now, I realise that I am only half way through the first stage but I am having a bit of a speed wobble. How will I ever know enough to be a bona fide psychologist. This speed wobble came about whilst walking on that dangerous thinking machine. The other thought that TDTM brought to my conscious is: what am I thinking that I am capable of doing such a thing? Degrees are for clever people who are usually intrinsically motivated and who have a highly efficient long term memory for storing and retreiving volumes of information pertaining to their career of choice. When I grow up I want to be one of those people, but for now I live in hope that no one will guess my secret and expose me as a bit of fraud! Damn TDTM!

As it turns out, my motivation and my need to engage in Useful Thought seems to have been too much for the old machine and it has had a speed wobble of its own. This means that it is lying in state with a number of parts missing, (Sean has those and I know not what they are or what they do, that is Sean's business!) unable to tempt me to think and certainly not letting me take that exercise that I have been highly motivated to undertake. So here I sit, not getting any fitter but feeling a good deal better about my education. Now, where's that Pilates DVD?


Geriatric Gapper said...

Darling, most of us spend our lives hoping that no one will guess our secret and that we won't get caught out. You really don't imagine that everyone who has a degree seriously knows what they are talking about? The highly successful ones are usually the best blaggers!

Potty Mummy said...

Once TDTM is working again, I recommend you start running on it. That should do the trick. I know this because when I do manage to drag myself to the gym and onto the running machine, I am concentrating so hard on not falling over whilst taking a drink / changing the track on my i-pod (and yes I know you can do playlists but mine is so old I will scream if I hear the White Stripes sing Doorbell one more time)/ use the towel to wipe away the copious amounts of 'glow', that thinking is the last thing on my mind.

No, the elliptical trainer - that's the one I call TDTM. But there's always MTV...

Mom de Plume said...

Hmmm GG you are in a household of over achievers (yourself not excluded) and now I know the truth about you all... you all learnt to blag earlier and quicker than I did!! ;)

PM, you are so right, runnign requires a good deal more concentration leaving a good deal less time for thought. Not to mention I might get fitter quicker! MTV works for me at the moment though!