Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh peanuts!

So, monkeys are cute looking creatures... from afar. And enjoyable to watch playing in the garden. I don't find them so cute when they are ransacking my kitchen.

I was at my neighbours house, chatting and not bothering anyone and, in fact, happily watching the monkeys play, when the garderner came running saying that the monkeys had got into my house. MY house. Ugh! Now, I am not sure if the window had been left open too wide or if the mangy creatures have worked out how to open it. Whatever the case, they were inside. They ate all our fruit, especially enjoying Jordan's banana that I was hoping to feed him that afternoon. There was naartjie (clementine, in English, I think) peel all over the place and, for a reason known only to himself as there is no food down there, one big monkey was in the bedroom! Ugh.

We had bought a packet of raw peanuts to take with us on our little up-coming holiday, with the intention of roasting them over the fire. Well they were uneaten and scattered all over the kitchen. At least EAT the things if you are going to ruin someone elses plan for them. Don't just cover them in monkey germs and leave them behind.

We will buy more peanuts. And leave the windows shut when we are out. As long as they don't come visiting when we are in, as they look at me in disgust and carry on as if I had actually asked "would you like another one?" when I try to shoo them out, and they are about the same size as my oldest child. That's a little scary for me. Sorry monkeys, but please go back to stealing Brian's food, that's as entertaining for everyone else as it is for you!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

monkeys hate water, so the next time they come a vistin' just spray them with the hosepipe!

anyway, I discovered your blog and wanted to invite you to join The South African Bloggers' Network - you'll find the best of the SA best there!

Sign up, so we can all hook up!

also, have you checked out The Bad Mommy Blog?

Tracey said...

Urgh, they are yucky, messy creatures! I remember once, sydney was still on the boob, and a GINORMOUS mother (actually was a father cos he had the blue you know whats'-its) came through my kitchen and sat in the doorway to my lounge. My mother jumped up and chased him with a tennis racket (have NO clue where she found that!) and my poor father who's been in a wheelchair for the last 10 odd years, almost walked! To quote Wayne Dyer, they're "scurvy elephants!!"

Clare said...

Shame Jane! I hope they didn't cause too much damage!

Sparx said...

well, that puts the squirrels who dig up my garden into a whole new perspective! My ex once left his car door open on a drive outside Cape Town and we ended up with a baboon in the car. When he chased it out he frightened it so badly it pooed on my seat... although I'm not sure who was more frightened, the monkey or my ex's Dad who was in the back seat at the time!

Mom de Plume said...

EMCT - I don't really mind them in the garden... the hosepipe would have made a mess of the kitchen though! I supposer I better learn to check the windows before I go out!

Trace... rather you than me, although a similar thing happened to my mom only there was no one there to chase for her. SCARY!

Clare, we were lucky, not too much mess: just the germs! Ugh!

Sparx, that's a memory to treasure! I hope you got your seat clean before you had to sit in it!

Sparx said...

M de P... it was not that clean to be honest, the car absolutely reeked for days and days!