Friday, September 19, 2008


Or is that ageless?

Obviously there is something in the water in South Africa that makes people see things through rose tinted glasses. No I am not talking about the people who think that a certain un-nameable politician will not change the constitution to suit his cause when they give him power without asking this 'democratic' country if we mind. I am talking about me. It's my birthday so I am allowed to be a little self indulged, and you can just put up with it for today.

Apparently I am ageless. I am 31 today and, in fact, fairly pleased about that. But I am pleased about something else too.

Yesterday Dorcas, my maid, asked me how old I would be on my birthday. She was shocked and horrified when I told her proudly that I would be 31. No way, said she. I look 19!!!!! NINETEEN!!! Did you get that? With a four year old child, hmm.

This is not an isolated incident.

Our neighbour came over the other day to ask if we minded her chopping down some trees that were blocking her sun and, in fact, obscuring our view of the ocean(Yes, we live 30km from it but we can still see it, framing Durban with its deep blue!). No, I didn't mind one bit. She started talking about the children. She is a little highly strung and nervous about joining the elite club of motherhood. She said I was brave to have my kids so young. I said yes, I wanted them both before I was 30 and I just made it. Her jaw dropped and she confessed to thinking that I was about 22.

So either they need their eyes tested, they weren't close enough or I still haven't mastered Being a Grown Up. Either way, I hope this trend continues so that, to others (I can see the wrinkles when I look in the mirror!), I always look 10years younger than I am.

Now, where's that mud pack?


Dad Mzungu said...

Just to say "Happy Birthday"

Mom de Plume said...

Why thank you DM!

Ken said...

Hey Iremember getting carded for a pack of smokes when I was your age (you needed to be 18). But now that don't happen any more I'm 48 and I don't

Here via the black box

The W.O.W. factor said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you!! Glad I landed here via the "Black Box" just in time! (except I think your time "zone" is different than mine by quite a bit!)
Be proud that you look so young! I feel it reflects love and happiness in your life. Our daughter is 34, and while I was visiting this spring, with her 2 kids in tow, she was carded twice in the same I believe in the above.
Hope your day was awesome!

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

Happy B'day! Enjoy it while it lasts. People used to guess me 20 years under, then 10 and now I'm lucky if they don't just get it next b'day they'll be going over (oh crap). BBox brought me btw.

Mom de Plume said...

Hi Ken, hmm, I don't believe I would be carded any more either... never say never though!!!

Hello W.O.W Thanks very much and yes, you are right, love and happiness must keep us young!

Hi ilana, yes I must keep perspective; Is there an age at which people start putting an earlier birth date on forms in order to feel like they look younger? You know, to get the opposite effect than if you are trying your luck at getting into a club at 16?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Hmm, sounds like you should just say thank you and smile graciously! ;-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh, and belated Happy Birthday!