Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Conversations with Dad...

Dad prior to going shopping for a braai: Shannon, what's you favourite meat on the braai (BBQ)?
Shannon after earnest consideration: Chips!
Dad: Speechless

Shannon while Dad was donning a suit to go to a funeral: Dad you look like a maniac!
Dad: Speechless

Shannon at 5 this morning when Sean got up to see why all the lights were on: Dad, why doesn't the light on the garanda work?
Dad amused that she has actually checked: because the fitting is broken.
Shannon on a mission: I know how to fix it.
Dad intrigued: How?
Shannon duh!!! Parents know nothing: Don't go to your work. Go straight passed your work to the builders work and tell them to fix it. Builders know how to fix it!
Dad: Speechless

Luckily I was not in the same room as them for any of these conversations as their sincerity would have been ruined by my giggles!!!


Dad Mzungu said...

Oh! The innocence of childhood.
In Kenya, one of our little orphan boys decided that, after I had bathed and Vaselined him, he would grease me so that I would be black like him - he was so serious about it, too.

Clare said...

Hilarious! So that's what a maniac looks like...Wish Sean luck cooking chips on his next Braai! Love and hugs to you all xxx

Mom de Plume said...

DM, it seems that their sincerity is the best part!!!

Clare, I am determined that he does cook some chips for Shannon, though the amusement will be lost on her (but not me)! And yes, that may be what a very smart and handsome maniac looks like!! heh heh

Potty Mummy said...

Mom, just read your post on feedback, and simply had to say - how do you stand it? You are not being unreasonable, and it would DRIVE ME CRAZY! (In fact, am being driven crazy just at the thought of you having to deal with it...)

Mom de Plume said...

Thanks Potty. As it turns out I would have got one of the questions completely wrong were it not for fellow students. And it was an exam question. Grrr. The rest of the modules have done really good feedback so not sure how this one got away with it!!!

Kim said...

Oh out the mouths of babes, just been reading your blog, has made me smile - what a super blog to read, so interesting and a wonderful read!!