Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's about time!

I have been maintaining blog silence for the last couple of months for two reasons:

1. I have been using up all my words trying to earn a living which leaves me a bit spent.

2. I have not really felt like sharing!

Do you ever get those days, which turn into weeks every once in a while, when you feel insular? Not in the right frame of mind to interact with others? It happens to me whenever I really need to recharge my batteries. I have been in that zone for about six weeks now and (thankfully) it is over.

I felt the need to blog for two reasons:

1. Get over yourself, woman!

2. My friend Angus has been diagnosed with lung cancer (having never smoked) and he manages to keep up a positive stream of posts keeping all of us who care in touch with how he is doing. (Go over and have a read... he is a very worthwhile read!) Not shutting himself away to recharge but experiencing life and getting the most out of it. So this chica is taking a leaf out of that book of life and getting over herself.

So these last few weeks in which I have been keeping to myself I have also been indulging myself in precious time spent with my Mum.

Mum and I used to have a tenuous relationship at the best of times, for many and varied reasons. Now we have such a comfortable relationship that while she has been here we have been working at our laptops alongside each other sharing tips, tricks, insight and enthusiasm for our writing projects, getting along like a house on fire! I am a lucky lady! The best part about having Mum to myself is that, when she is not glued to her screen, I have her undivided attention.

In the interests of keeping some words for my working day and another post in the not too distant future... that's all for now!

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