Sunday, January 14, 2007


Not sure if it is a Jinx to call this my New Year's Resolution, but nonetheless 'tis my ambition to be fitter and healthier in 2007! My darling husband's Christmas present to me was a brandnew pair of running shoes (my last pair gave up the ghost when I attempted a 10km in them and destroyed in the process my love of running!) and a super cool sports watch with stopclock so I can time my runs! It is now 14th January and I have been for 2 walks of roughly 20mins each! Not a roaring success story so far.

Nonetheless my inspiration is still there and my new tactic is to try to fit my run in at 6am while my exceptionally clingy 2 year old daughter stays at home with her doting Dad. (Should wake up the neighbourhood for the first few times til she gets used to it!) I will let you know how that goes!

My other great weakness is boredom eating - which as you can imagine is not a problem while I am working but - when my daughter gets home from school and we are doing 2 year old things all afternoon I go fooding! This is what HAS to stop! This is where my WILLPOWER is being employed this year. Once again I will let you know on that one!

Well I am off to epend some toddler energy in the pool... watch this space...

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Vanessa said...

Like the new blog look ... is that a BLOOK, too?