Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, what do we have to do to move out from under this cloud??? I can't even remember when I last saw blue sky! I am not, however, (for once) going to sit here and moan about the weather, for while we have been sitting under this cloud a few silver linings have appeared:

  • My exams start today! This is a silver lining because it means that I will be one down and closer to finishing them!

  • I am well prepared for my exams - I may have been less inclined to revise had the sun been shining and outside activities been possible!

  • Shannon has decided she is a big girl, not a baby any more, and since big girls can do ballet and babies can't she ought to do ballet - when the baby is born (I added the last bit - we all need to save special treats for when our lives get turned upside down)

  • Suzi has decided to make the most of her life at present and go to Argentina (this is good, not because she will be so far away but because it is sooooooo exciting)

  • I am holding my own against Clare and John in the scrabble competition - OK not winning but at least coming close!

  • I have had an article accepted for publication - and they are paying me for it!

The only bad things that have come of this rainy episode are:

  • I CAN'T DRY LAUNDRY - please, please, please, just one day of sunshine!!!

  • I HAVE A COLD - and I can't take ANYTHING for it... except lemon and honey toddies... without brandy... *snif*


Clare said...

Good luck for your exams!!!

Anonymous said...


All the best for the exams. We hope it goes well.

We have just got back from 2 weeks in Colesberg. Ever wanted to know where the middle of nowhere is? .....Colesberg!