Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Child rearing 101

So The Nanny has been here 3 weeks now and a number of issues have come up. None, you understand, that have not been resolved in my interest, but all, of course, which require a bit of work.

Dorcas and I do not see eye to eye on a few factors concerning Jordan:

1. Dorcas thinks he needs a dummy! I do not!

Dorcas is horrified that the poor child is not given a device that will possibly destroy his dental growth, certainly impede his speech development and, most of all, look ridiculous. ('Ach shame M'em he will feel better!')

2. I have a phobia about children and sugar! Dorcas does not!

"He can have Rooibos tea, Dorcas, but no milk!"
" And how much sugar M'em"
After I scraped my jaw off the floor, I asked her in my kindest scary voice to never, ever, EVER, give the little chap sugar, under no circumstances, EVER! I think I made my point clearly and have since secretly peeped in on breakfast and lunch operations... just to make sure!

3. I think it is fabulous for my little prince to fall asleep on me before he is put down to sleep. Dorcas looks at me down her well experienced nose and informs me he needs to sleep himself.

He is sleeping himself - on me - and really (I know you are all on Dorcas' side for this one) if he loves it and I love it it must be good for both of us!

4. When he sees me my little angel wants me.

This is a small house, I work in the dining room which is in the middle of an open plan living space. Where ever he goes, other than his bedroom or outside, he can see me. "you make him cross with me M'em" What can I do, I love it that I am so important to my children and so don't, perhaps, do enough to discourage this sort of behaviour.

So, we work on the rules, regulations and spying to the best of our ability in the hope that Jordan turns out all right in the end. Not that I am a control freak, nor paranoid, you understand!


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Kitschen Pink said...

1, 2, and 3 I get, completely. Especially 3! But 4? I'm with poor Dorca here. Surely you want little one to build a strong relationship with the person who is there to show him love and care when you are busy? And if she is new in his life they maybe need space to give her a chance! Rest assured. Even if they become the best of friends (and wouldn't that be nice!) you'll still be his mum and he'll still know you're the number one person in the whole universe!
Bottom line? You're the mum. You'll always be the mum and what you say is always best for your prince! Unless of course daddy has an opinion. Then we pretend to listen, say the right things and do it our way anyway! HA! Lovely post! t.x

Mom de Plume said...

Hi KP, We have been working hard on this one, Dorcas has taken to putting a towel over his eyes as they walk through the house, and I am keeping mum so he can't hear me either! So far so good! Yes we are doing our best! As for being the most important person in his life - you are right that will not change soon (maybe when he gets married eh?) and yes we do give Daddy a look in sometimes and then do our own thing anyway! ;)