Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Women's Day

Today is Women's day in South Africa so, to all the women out there, have a great day and remember how special you are!!!

I have recently joined a community which, though I knew it was there, I never really grasped the closeness of. Reluctant Memsahib recently posted on a topic which, it seems, is very close to the hearts of many women. Certainly all those in this close community. Her words seem to have had a powerful effect on many of us! Potty Mummy recently posted on why she blogs... I identified with many of her reasons. Here are some of my own:

It is fascinating to consider that this group of people, very few of whom know each other face to face, and many if whom are spread across the globe, find that they have so much in common. I feel privileged to have a look in and to slowly become part of this community.

I have a great group of friends with whom I spend as much time as I can spare, we are all mothers, we are all women in a similar stage in life and we are all very different. Our time spent together almost always involves our children in one way or another. One evening every month we get together at one or another's house (and sometimes, when we are all free, for a morning coffee), without children, and we laugh. We can be just friends and just our Selves. For that time we are not mothers or wives or business owners or career women or any other of the many roles we have to play. We get to be the Selves that we were at 5 years old, and 18 years old and twenty something. Carefree.

Being part of this blogging community has given me another group of friends. I may not know them to wave to in the street, to stop and catch up on the recent past, but I can drop by any time I need a friend. Any time I need to see how they are, any time I need to offload the pressures of fulfilling all my own roles.

I love the all the roles I play in my life, from daughter and sister to wife and mother and every one in between. Sometimes I just like to be me.

I am happy that I am part of these special communities, real and virtual.


Expatmum said...

Came via Potty Mummy and enjoyed your comments! An interesting discussion that's for sure.

Kitschen Pink said...

Me too via Potty Mummy. You're right! It's humbling we all have so much in common... and a delightful distraction! But I don't think I distinguish between different 'me's'. I just think 'me' changes like a pebble on a beach. I think that is one skill we truly excel at. The unselfish ability to be all things to all people, often all at the same time! That's me! t.x

Kitschen Pink said...

That sounds a bit self-satisfied! It's not! I just meant to say that 'me' is all sorts of things. I don't really know if there's another me exclusive of being mum, daughter, wife, sister, daughter-in-law etc, etc t.x

Mom de Plume said...

Hi Expatmum, thanks so much for visiting. Glad you liked the comments... I hope the blog is worth another visit! I will pop by and visit you soon.

Hi Kitschen Pink, thanks for dropping by, it's always nice to see someone new. I think I was trying to organise in my mind how to understand the 'community of Selves' that psychology takes into account. I suppose I imagined that as a whole group of separate individual aspects of me... you are right in that they certainly overlap and are not nearly as distinguishable as I have made out. Perhaps the relationships I have as each of my Selves differs according to the other people in my life?! I will come and visit you soon!

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello again. Yup. You're certainly right there! I'd say the tolerant, tongue biting daughter that I can be is rarely seen anywhere else in my life! Likewise the doting mum who is a total pushover, or the wife who sometimes totally loses her rag, because he's the only person I can do that with and not have to go into hiding afterwards, because we can laugh about it. I see what you mean! t.xxxx

Quinton & Tracey said...

Actually....I know the community of selves very well. So do I. hey and so do I. Me too... Who are you?? hmm..... this is scary. I wonder if my many selves knows about the other?????
hehe. Love u janie, thanks again for a fab day today!!! going back to egypt. c u tomorrow morning... mwah xxx