Thursday, February 05, 2009


...or the lack of it, is the most prevalent concern in the Hendry household at the moment. Shannon seems to be doing ok, as long as I remember that she is four years old and a normal four year old:
  • jumps on the couches and beds when possible
  • bounces off the walls
  • runs, hops and jumps everywhere she goes
  • and is VERY VERY loud!
No, it is Jordan who is causing trouble and depleting the reserves of Rescue! I have taken to saying 'NO' firmly, leaving no one in any doubt that they are doing something wrong. No one, that is, except Jordan, who bursts into tears as if his world is ending and goes right back to doing what it was he got in trouble for. I have, I am sorry to admit, tried smacking his tiny little hand as it goes for the things he is not allowed to touch, like my computer/mouse/keyboard (can you say accidental ctrl/A/delete?) and I get the same reaction: distraught tears and a return to the scene of the crime! *sigh* I can't send him to the bathroom or make him sit on the naughty mat as he would not have a clue what was going on!

So what is my plan of action?... um ....I think... perhaps I should... OK, I admit, I am at a loss. How do I discipline a 1 year old who merely thinks I am ruining his fun when I get cross with him? Either I can't remember this from Shannon 3 and a half years ago (yes, I have probably blocked it out in order to dupe me into believing it is safe to have a second child!) or she was just better at listening. At least THEN she was! Ok, ok I am deluded and suffering from some sort of amnesia but back to my question: What do I do now???

Other than this:


Sparx said...

It's nearly impossible! I did the 1-2-3-punish with Charlie from that age and it did have some effect. You have to punish if you get to '3' though and at that age I used to put him into his cot for 5 minutes on the clock and then explain to him what he'd done wrong. If we were out and about I'd put him in his buggy for the same time. It did work in the end and now he often responds at the count of '1' and nearly always at '2'. Good luck!

Just settling in for a read of your blog, I've been really busy for months now and have let some of my regular reads slide!

Mom de Plume said...

Hi Sparx, thanks for stopping by. I tried the cot thing with Shannon adn all my hard hours of sleep training went to pot as she became terrified by her bed :( I think the buggy might be a good idea as he is restrained! Will try that this afternoon - I am sure I will be presented with the opportunity :)

Clare said...

They seem pretty chuffed to be in the playpen - you'll just have to keep Jordan penned in :-) Good luck!

Grit said...

i feel for you! i never achieved any discipline at such an early age apart from a routine and i barely managed that! i'm not sure that children so young really understand all the ins and outs either, so i went wrong there too, because i would explain to them in lengthy detail why they should/shouldn't do xyz ... as you can see i have no constructive advice to offer at all, but i enjoyed visiting your blog!

Mom de Plume said...

Thanks Grit, you seem to feel the same way I do about how it should be done!!! I am sure all mothers feel like that actually! Thanks for popping in :)

Geriatric Gapper said...

Hmmmm.... I wonder where he gets that from? Could this be more chickens?

Try putting yourself in the playpen and letting nim run havoc around you, then, when he wants to get into the playpen, swap places.

Mom de Plume said...

HAHA very funny! excellent plan though! I have threatened him with school now... not much of a threat though, as he gets cross when I try to bring him home after dropping Shannon off.