Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word games

A child learning to speak, starting with the very first words all the way through to trying to get their grammar correct, and the right suffix on a word, is one of the most amazing developmental processes to bear witness to.

Jordan is stepping boldly into this world with his version of what he hears and can already, to his mother's ear, say Mummy, Daddy, Shannon (Nana), bottle (bobble), car, play, up (blup), no, yip(somehow 'yes' has eluded him), dog (do), door, (do) - yes I know they are the same, it's the context that alters them - among other things. I watch with facsination as, everyday, he adds another recognisable sound to his repertoir.

Shannon, being the chatterbox that she is, is well on her way to talking correctly in every aspect (although she still adds endings that she seems to think make more sense than the real one, or put words in an order that she prefers!) so, in the interests of keeping things interesting we play word games with her. When she was younger this used to consist of the following interaction:

Mummy: Shannon, say fossilised
Shannon: I can't
Mummy: what can't you say
Shannon: fothilithed

very cute!

Then we went through this stage:

Mummy: Shannon, say fossilised
Shannon: I can't
Mummy: what can't you say
Shannon: I can't say what you said (got brains that child)

recently this has started:

Mummy: Shannon say photosynthesis
Shannon: photosynthesis

Mummy: Shannon say multidisciplinary
Shannon: multidisciplinary

Mummy: Shannon say metamorphosis
Shannon: metamorphosis

... when did that happen??? I can't seem to catch her out any more... I need more words people, how can I challenge her diction if all the words are too easy for her? hmmm maybe we should move on to meanings. Shannon's first, that'll bring some interesting ideas to light. Asked what Daddies are made from she replied wood, and Mummies, apparently, are made from water and strawberries! Glad I'm a Mummy!


Anonymous said...

I Can't wait!! it all sounds like so much fun and hours of entertainment.. but I think I have a looong time to go before we start talking!

Mom de Plume said...

Erm, yes Suz, you have to get through all the crying first... Which in retrospect always passes quite quickly so patience and it will be over before you know it! then the real fun begins!!! I am sure you will be just fine though!!

Clare said...

In retrospect the crying passes quickly, but at the time... have fun Suz!

I'm sure Mum will find some words to challenge Shannon with (she's currently challenging me in our game of scrabble!!)

Mom de Plume said...

I hope so, will be fun to see how Shannon fares :)

Maternal Tales said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. Like the post. Your daughter sounds way too bright!! Yes, meaning now I think. I'm sure that will be the neverending lesson you're looking for!

Mom de Plume said...

Thanks for visiting, Maternal Tales! I just have to get her to figure out what I mean by meaning :)

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

My favourite malapropism from Hair One was said at the Tyrell Museum as he gazed at the full sized T-rex.

"Mom" he said "that's unstinked!"

Word Verification
tzationf - on the green line of the MTA

Mom de Plume said...