Thursday, January 18, 2007

The hardest step is the one out the door...

Well I seem to have managed a walk/run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week... today is Thursday and I am NOT going to go. It is wet and Yuk outside and it rained so hard last night I thought we would all be washed away!!! I need to fix my lack-of-sun MISERY - how can the weather control my motivation soooooo much and more importantly how do I stop it??? That notwithstanding I will be going tomorrow even if it is wet out - I am spending all day today psyching myself up to it!

Quick whinge - What is up with this need to dial the area code even if you are in the area??? Makes for longer numbers than I like to dial - s'posed to be cheaper though... I would prefer it if we just got some competition for Telkom so that the cost of phonecalls would be a bit more realistic without having to dial the areacode first.

On a completely different topic I am off to bury my nose in my Anthropology Module in the hope I get more cleverer :) so I can earn more money!!! (maybe I can afford to pay telkom then!)
Later gaters

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