Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where's all my stuff?

So we have moved house from No 45 to No 41 (same complex, same street) has to be the easiest move ever! Not to mention the fact that my indispensible maid Yvonne did most of the hard work for me so we were moved in and unpacked within a day or two. Thanks to all the kind people and fortuitous timing in our lives we have a housefull of furniture and all at the cost of a few road trips! Shannon loves her new house and is especially proud of her new beds care of the Boston Clulows!

All of that aside I am awaiting telkom's swift response to our request for transferral of phone line and ADSL account which means that we keep the same phone number YAY! Will keep y'all posted for contact purposes! The computer remins at no 45 until such time as telkom call us so if I take a while to get back to you please have patience!

Exercise regime seems to have taken a bit of a knock but I am all geared up to start again asap!

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