Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Home at last...

They have finally arrived!!! Our computer, phone and ADSL line are all IN our OFFICE! No more wondering when it will be complete, not feeling quite at home because my link to the outside world is elsewhere. I can safely say "now we are home!" Sean was going stir crazy as I have asked him if we can wait at least a month til we consider buying a TV of our own in the hope that perhaps we will get used to not having one and learn to live without it and he couldn't even surf the net in the evenings. (It can only do good if for nothing else but our communication with eachother) Shannon seems to not really notice and I think is really enjoing the extra play time with Mommy and Daddy as there are no movies to watch!

On the subject of Shannon, she starts her new school tomorrow and has been proudly proclaiming that she is going to 'big' school. How she deals with it I have yet to find out but I will keep you posted. She has seen the swings and jungle jim and is really excited about those!

Poppet's latest can't-keep-a-straight-face moment was when I reprimanded her for hitting me on the head with her teddy she said meekly "I just loving you Mommy" whilst stroking my hair! I nearly dissolved!

Well that ends another broadcast from Moi... I am off to dream land...

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