Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's Feb ALREADY!!!

Oh my word is it possible that this year is passing even faster than previous ones??? Since my last update I have been out for my walk/run 5 more times (ie 4 this week) and I can live with that! Seems to make me want to eat MORE junk food though so I am not sure if it is having ANY effect whatsoever. I love the mornings though and it is a great way to get my head in the right place before the day begins.

I have a cold at the moment (grrrrr) sore throat and blocked nose - OK so the blocked nose is no different to normal with all the pollen at this time of year - I could really do without the throat thing though! Shannon seems to be in much the same condition although slightly less adept at blowing her nose!

Other than that all is good we are working hard and playing harder - no more 3am parties PLEASE! I am learning about neurons and messages and impulses (I know it is a bit more in depth but this is no place for sensibilty!) and OMG I need to preserve mine if I am to pass this degree - so NO MORE 3am PLEASE! (well maybe one or 2!)

With that thought in mind I am off to bed - he he nearly forgot to mention firstly my little angel's admonishment of her mother (moi) this morning at the flea market... 'Mommy don't pick it up, you can break it!) well I guess my rules apply to me too. And then when Sean was off to the Stables to work this morning Shannon took his face in her hands and said 'Daddy I'm so proud of you...' What a character!!!

ciao am off to blanket street (no wooden stairs here though)

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