Friday, February 08, 2008

Growth spurts and sleeping patterns

Of all the things I have to fit into my day, unfortunately blogging comes at the bottom of the list. It is a matter of sneaking off, as I have just now, with one little angel playing with her plastic animals and the other sleeping peacefully, for a little 'me time'! So here I am and I better be quick!

It seems that my little angels have syncronised their growth spurts! For the last 10 days or so Shannon has barely eaten a thing. Her lunch box comes home from school with half the lunch still in it, and the only other thing they get given is 2 marie biscuits in the morning and a yogurt in the afternoon. We then spend an hour trying to get a mouse sized portion of food down her neck at supper time and all the while wondering where she gets her energy from as it sure isn't from food! So, this week's a little different... no left overs! A peanut butter sandwich when she gets home and a tub of raisins at about 4pm. This is followed by a hearty supper of WHATEVER I give her... even veggie bake... with green bits (what is it with kids and green bits?) And Hyperactive Crazy Girl has turned into Sweet Helpful Angel (don't know if that is related but I'm hanging onto it as long as I can!) The only down side to all this is that since Jordan is ALSO having a feeding frenzy, it is exhausting keeping them both sustained at once!

Now, in a - perhaps vain? - attempt to get Jordan into a healthy sleep habit, I have moved him from his crib next to my bed to his cot in Shannon's room (Shannon was at least 3 months old when I dared to try this! She was also nearly 3 years old before she started sleeping through the night... NOT doing that again!)

The first night was a disaster! Jordan woke up every time I put him down and the 3 fitful hours I did sleep were sitting upright on the couch holding him! Imagine, if you will, the sense of humour failure yesterday! (Sean can help with details if anyone can't see it)

Last night, which was night number 2, we resumed the same sleep pattern we had before whch is 2 15-20 min feeds at around 12 and 4am... that I can handle...just. The only difference was that last night I put his crib in his cot and him in the crib! This is an on going this space!

OK 2 little angels are once again demanding my attention so I'm off... til the next time I find 2 mins to myself!


Sooze said...

Hi Jainee...
Great to see you coping.. i think!! this is my Blogg site
will try to keep it going now that i am back online! xxx

Sooze said...

hi even before i read your comment have spent last hour trying to figure out how to add other bloggs to my like you said and i'm going to throw the computer out "OFF" the window now! so much to learn! so lucky i have my big sis to guide me! xx

Mom de Plume said...

Oh my... you jump out OF the window or OFF a wall. *mutter* spend my life edumacating the masses *mutter* :)

Clare said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy - I hope Sweet Helpful Angel and Sleeps A Lot keep helping you out.
Good luck with the night-time sleep habit... let's hope the sense of humour survives the experience!