Thursday, February 14, 2008

That's just crazy!

This morning whilst waiting til it was time to leave for school, Shannon assumed the role of comedienne to keep us all entertained. In her effort to hold my attention she was leaping round the room doing 'business' and her 'work' and I wasn't to touch anything lest I break it or hurt myself. (!)

So having leapt off her stool and over the tape measure, trodden on my foot a few times and done 'tippy toes', which she learned at ballet, she proceded to look me levelly in the eye and say: "but I mustn't do this" (vigorous running on the spot while growling and flayling her arms around) "because that's just crazy". I suppose the rest of it is really sensible when you are 3!

Another of Shannon's Sensible Activities is launching herself from the couch onto the beanbag. (we do not normally encourage jumping on furniture but this was too good to resist!) What is even greater fun is to have Dad lying on the beanbag. I am sure they have a name for this in wrestling circles:

Over the weekend Shannon got out her paints and asked me if she could paint her hands so that she could make colourful handprint pictures. This is one of her favourite activities so we set up the table outside and left her to it. It never occurred to me that she would be into body art, but here is the result of Shannon's HAND painting:

Now, because it is a well known fact that subsequent children NEVER get photographed as often as first children I am making it my duty to ensure that a million or so pictures are taken of Jordan to match the million or so we have of Shannon. - note to self: buy bigger hard drive!

Here is the little man at 4 weeks old:


Sooze said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Janie you have turned my "I want to sulk so I will sulk even for no reason" evening into aching stomach muscles from laughing so hard at Shannon's antics! That photo of her leaping onto Sean is FANTASTIC and little Jordan is the CUTEST little boy i have ever seen! and so BIG already!
And just like to add happy Anniversary to you and Sean tomorrow and Happy one month birthday to Jordan! Oh and so she's not left out Happy Friday 15th Feb to Shannon! xxxxxxx

Geriatric Gapper said...

Happy anniversary from your geriatric gappers. We love the picture of the flying Shannon (takes after her mother) and adore the picture of Jordan (he looks so alert!) xxxx

Clare said...

Hilarious!!!! Those are great photos - Shannon is definitely going to have an adventurous life!

Happy anniversary!

Bad Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary for last week and SO sorry I didn't call ... I didn't EXACTLY forget, but I didn't remember on the day. Congrats. The kids are DIVINE and I really hope I get to see them again before they turn 21 and are forced (I hope!) by their parents to invite some strangers to their birthdays whom they hardly remember or perhaps never even knew!