Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A messy business

This weekend was... um... interesting, to say the least. On Friday our septic tank packed up which left us high and dry (literally) as we were totally unable to use our loos, shower, sinks or washing machine. Thankfully, Sean's hospitable brother and family came to the rescue and gave us the use of their grannyflat. So we spent the weekend in Hillcrest which turned out to be very nice.

On Monday the powers that be said they would sort out the tank, so we came home intending to spend the day here, having showered at Dean and Tracy's before we left. THE SMELL was APPAULING... Sean went to work and I went back to Hilcrest. Thankfully in the afternoon we got a call to say that all was clear and we could return home. YAY.

On the way home yesterday morning, Shannon, who had just woken up when we left (it was 6am) turned to me and said, in a very sleey voice, "Mom, I'm old" I said "well done, Poppet", for want of anything more intelligent to say, and in order to hide my mirth, and Sean cackled with laughter in the front seat - Jordan has relegated me to back seat travelling which means we are girls in the back and boys in the front! - I thought it better not to ask, so we are still in the dark as to why poor Poppet felt so old.

Today Jordan is 6 weeks old so we are off to the baby clinic for his jabs! Poor little man!


Sooze said...

Hee Hee.. You definitely have the most entertaining little girl! She always has something to say to make you laugh, and though she may feel "Old", making you laugh will keep YOU younger! Lots of Love to you all xxx

Clare said...

Hope that your septic tanks are working - lucky that you could go and stay with Dean... would have been interesting otherwise!

Shannon is hysterical - she must think that you are ancient! Maybe born in the dark ages!

Poor little Jordan having his jabs tomorrow. Poor you having to watch - I hope it goes smoothly.

Hope you guys are all well - really enjoying keeping up with the blog