Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One for the monster...

Well it has been a while, what can I say? Life's requirements get in the way of catching up on things! Not many developments in the house of Hendry: we are still working hard and playing hard. Shannon has been at her new school for 2 weeks now and she is very happy - I am not sure if it is coincidental but her speach and vocabulary have improved rapidly this month.

The little madam's latest amusing ditty is baa baa black sheep, it goes as follows:
Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full!
One for the monster, one for the dame ...

I have learned a shocking lesson for myself this week: I have taken on a new student who is unable to read even basic words such as go, on etc... he is 16 years old. While I knew there was a problem with education in this country I have not until now experienced it first hand in this manner. I am dumbfounded for all the obvious reasons and many more. All I can do is my best to open the world up for this boy (who is white for those of you who are wondering) who cannnot at the moment evern read road signs or the TV guide! While this is an interesting challenge for me I can't begin to express how sad I feel for the youth of this country as it is in its current state.

Nuff ranting - I am going to build towers with Shannon until bedtime and then back to the books for me.

tata for now...

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