Sunday, March 25, 2007

When life gives you lemon seeds...

... Grow a lemon tree!

This is a first so pay attention! I opened a lemon on our wedding aniversary (15 Feb) to squeeze over our skottled prawns in garlic butter (!) and the pips had sprouted! Just for a laugh I chucked one of them into a plastic cup with some water and left it on the windowsill where it grew a stem; I potted it with some stones in the bottom and some soil from a molehill (thanks for the advice Kyle) and left it on the same windowsill. Now my lemon tree (?) has 4 strong leaves and a smile for me every morning when I give it a few drops of water.
Nothing I have ever tried to grow has lasted very long so please check for updates as the life and times of my lemon tree will be continually posted. Oh yes... if anyone can come up with a suitable name for my against-all-odds tree please post it in 'comments'; it would be very grateful to be called something other than lemon tree (imagine you were called 'Human' all the time!)

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Snickets, of course! What other name is there for a Lemony Tree likely to face a series of unfortunate events before it's (almost) inevitable demise at the back-thumbed hands of Mom De Plume?