Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Disjointed days!

I am feeling a bit out of sorts today and have not been able to apply myself to ANYTHING for very long for the last 2 days. I did start today on the right foot - yesterday was just a write off altogether - but then I had to go and fetch poppet from school as she has an eye infection and a very bad cold! So got nothing done again! Sean has had a VERY productive 2 days so maybe we are just balancing each other! Also, he is cooking me supper so I am feeling a bit more relaxed now. I am dying to show pics of Hubby's coffee shop as he has really made it look fabulous (not without a little help from moi on graphics) with new signs etc, but that means sending Sean down with his camera which I keep forgetting to do! He has also added a few more products and things are starting to pick up after the Jan/feb.../mar slump that businesses seem to suffer from! Well as I said I am not able to apply myself for very long so that is all I can manage!

Tomorrow is another day!