Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Productivity and good health revisited!

Yaaaaay I seem to have found me again and am able to apply myself once more! I am re-inspired to study thanks to a better than anticipated mark for my last assignment... any motivation is welcome!
He he - this is not my real work station I PROMISE but click on the picture to get a better look!

Shannon is in the process of recovering from a bout of pneumonia - don't know how that happened - she had a bit of a cold on Tuesday which she seemed to be almost over on Wednesday afternoon but then I spent all night on Wednesday trying to break a very stubborn fever. I took her to the vet on Thursday morning by which time I thought she was on the mend again as she was FULL of energy. I was sternly reprimanded by said vet for not bringing her sooner as she had 'a pneumonia in her right side' so R207 and 5 mutis later we seem to be on the road to recovery barring a very chesty cough!

Sean has started a new job at Wakefields Estate Agency in Hillcrest and he is taking his Certified Estate Agents Exam in June - we both knew he would end up back in property as he really enjoyed it (idiots in management notwithstanding) and hopefully this time his experience will not be marred by incompetent fools!

Norbert - the lemon tree - is not only still alive but has started to sprout his new leaves! I have not included a picture as I might be considered insane to think that that tiny green speck is anything exciting. Nonetheless I said updates would follow so follow they must!

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Petite Mom Blogger said...

That looks like my work area. Sadly mine is worse... ;)