Friday, April 20, 2007

Beam me up!!!

Kyle the Adventurer !

So Kyle, my now-adult-male-no-longer-a-boy nephew, left for Chicago, Illinois this moring... at least that was the intention. As it happens he is still firmly stuck on South African soil, his flight delayed until around 4am! This is only the beginning of his somewhat extended journey, as his connecting flight from JFK to Chicago is cancelled so they have to take the bus! Do you know how big America is??? That is some bus ride! Nonetheless there is no point striking out on your own for the first time without collecting some tales of adventure along the way.
As for me I am over the travelling part of adventure and think it is about time someone invented a machine for instant arrival upon departure!!! Please get onto this right away as we could really do with a holiday... I fancy Seychelles meself!
Have a gas Kyle, your family are all with you in spirit... can't get rid of us just by moving half way round the world you know!

Just for fun here is a piccie of Sean on his Grand Adventure... catching snowflakes brr.

Shannon's new best thing is doing things dagedes! It is such a fabulous feeling for a Mommy when their little tyke says: 'lets do it dagedes Mommy"
Norbert, so named by Suzi incase you were wondering, is growing a leaf at the mo that is as big as the rest of him together... maybe lemon trees also need mommys to help them grow!

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