Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frustrated rantings of a student...and a human being!

I have, over the past 2 months, submitted a number of thoroughly worked assignments for marking. I am going STIR CRAZY waiting for results!!! I have been waiting OVER 4 WEEKS for one of them and NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE at UNISA!!!!! Sorry for shouting but I am about to move on to the second assignments of a few of the modules and how am I supposed to know if I am on the right track if the assignments are not getitng marked in time eh? EH??


OK I feel better now, thanks for listening!

Ha, and another thing what is it with people who think it is OK to chuck litter out of the car window??? Or drop it on the floor when they are 5m from a BIN!!! I am beginning to think that those of us who still believe it is wrong to litter are a dying breed!! DON"T THROW RUBBISH ON THE GROUND, IT LOOKS DISGUSTING!!!


Actually, while I am on my soap box (thanks for the loan John Bell! ;oP) DANGEROUS DRIVERS... is there really a need. We have so many reports of peple being killed on our roads in South Africa (the UK annual figure is about our monthly figure!) This information seems to fuel even worse driving! Everbody knows that it is more dangerous driving over the holidays because of the volume of cars going places... so they SPEED UP!!! Very clever! grrr *pause for feeling of relief* hang on GRRRR (better)

On a lighter note - I think - Shannon's teacher told me yesterday that she is much brighter than most of her peers! I said "What a nice thing for a Mom to hear" she said she is not so sure: average kids are the easiest, clever ones are a handful! Explains a lot! Although apparently she saves all her naughtiness for ME and is a little angel at school! Anyway, need to make the most of the time my clever (cutest and most adorable little girl ever to grace Earth) handful Shannon is at school and go back to doing assignments that may or may not get marked!!!

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