Sunday, April 08, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Just felt the need to share the latest quips of my fabulous cute daughter:

1. One day last week my nephew Kyle suffered the misfortune of a burst fish tank in his bedroom (Kyle does not go for goldfish in a bowl but rather a small dam ensconced in glass!!!) at roughly 3am. The next day we went to visit and his bed was propped up on the verandah drying. Well Shannon was rather confused by this and after having it explained to her that the bed was wet she exclaimed: 'Naughty Amy (Kyle's fabulous sister aged 20) weed on it!'.

2. In a similar vein I was dressing Lady Muck a few mornings ago when I glanced out of her window and exclaimed 'There's a big weed in my garden!' to which the precious little madam replied in her sweetest voice 'It wasn't me Mommy!'

3. I have forgotten the other thing so check back here for when I remember!

Right, ice cream and marsmallow Easter eggs await me!

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