Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Going Postal in the USA!

What is it that sets off these crazed students killing their peers and teachers. The term 'going postal' stems from incidents of postal workers who lost their rag with their jobs in the post office and opened fire on their colleagues.
It will not be long before someone coins the term 'going college'. These incidences are occuring with allarming regularity in America
and the rest of the world and I would like to know why and what is being done about it!!!

We live in a country where violence is part of everyday life and we can take measures to minimise our risks, but when you send your child to school you expect to fetch them at the end of the day with only minor trauma such as too much home work to deal with. The education of our children is hanging in the balance as it is what with so many 'catching' ADHD (It must be contageous... it is spreading far too quickly for any other explaniation! Oh unless maybe it's NOT the CHILDREN with the problem!) let alone the fact that now they have to go to school in fear for their lives as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_shooting What is the answer people - I have children to educate and I am becoming afraid to do that the conventional way!

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Trace.angel said...

Hear Hear TankGirl. I agree with your comments on the ADHD situation. The children of the 21st century are "Chrystal Children" (read Doreen Virtue's book on Chrystal Children). Here she explains that these kids are of far superior intellect, therefore the teachers who are supposed to "teach" them are now intimidated by this intellect so they thump a label on the kid saying they're ADD or ADHD etc, put them on Ritalin to calm them down. All this does is dope the kid. Not good at all. The kids are getting bored at school. Teachers need to find new ways of tapping into this intellect and enhancing it. Keep up the blogs, always brightens my day! MUAH