Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crystal Children

I have read about the Indigo Children and often catch myself keenly watching the teens and young adults around me and seeing in them the characteristics. I can see them achieving their goal of changing the Status Quo for something that is better for everyone around them! Our world will be a better place for our young children to grow up in if we open our minds to the possibilities that the Indigo Children offer us!

Thanks to a message from Tracey: See "Going Postal in the USA!" April 17 2007
(Trace.angel said...Hear Hear TankGirl. I agree with your comments on the ADHD situation. The children of the 21st century are "Crystal Children" (read Doreen Virtue's book on Crystal Children). Here she explains that these kids are of far superior intellect, therefore the teachers who are supposed to "teach" them are now intimidated by this intellect so they thump a label on the kid saying they're ADD or ADHD etc, put them on Ritalin to calm them down. All this does is dope the kid. Not good at all. The kids are getting bored at school. Teachers need to find new ways of tapping into this intellect and enhancing it.)

I was alerted to the existence of Crystal Children, of which Shannon has some characteristics. We are certainly able to communicate much better mentally than verbally (though her speech is excellent!) I always thought this was just a mother/daughter thing but maybe I am lucky! She is exceptionally loving and caring and I have never seen such a young child have such a gently nature towards, and affinity for, animals! I have just been reading an article about these Crystal Children and it gave me goose bumps (what is it they say about womens intuition and following your gut instinct?) so I feel there is a lot to be said for it!

I intend to put in a bit more research and observation and revisit this topic later!!!

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Bad Mommy said...

What a fascinating article. I read about Indigo Children years ago, and thought of my brother. Having read this reaffirms my view.

And the Crystal Children remind me for cibly of all five our mnkeys - Jules, Jess H, Shan, Ashleigh and Jess. Those deep eyes, man ...

Not so much with the not talking, though. Except maybe Ash.