Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Memory??? What's that again???

Don't laugh I know I am not the only one who forgets things all the time!

Back to Shannon and her understading of language ...

'3.' was as follows: I was fetching her from school last week thursday, and we were waiting for her shoes to be found, when shannon showed me a peice of red lego. I said 'Oh lego!' to which she relpied 'No Mommy, it's red! It's not lellow!' Well that told me!

Incidentally Norbert now officially has 5 leaves with the 6th budding as I type this!


Suzi said...

Jessica's hamster Archie died (the day after Clare left and John is mortified) and as they were burying him in the Garden in a shoe box, Jessica very simply asked "will he still poo?"

ahh cousins

frenchrowe said...

I hope Norbert is still flourishing.... you never said who won name the "Name the Lemon Tree Comp"!