Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On paranoia and dark sides...

I have been quietly worried, since Shannon first started drawing, about the fact that she likes to colour in black and black only! I keep getting Shannon's 'pictures' from school, most of which are in black, which are perhaps for me to have as keepsakes? For a while I thought they were surreptitiously trying to let on that my little angel has a bit of a dark side! To top it all, when we were painting to take our minds off the sudden and noisy storm the other day, she got very cross that her black paint had run out so she couldn't paint any more! It helped not a bit when I pointed out that she had eleven other colours to choose from - painting was over because the black was finished. You can imagine my horror at the thought that I was actually being paranoid to a point where I haven't even mentioned my concern to her Daddy!! Well, I decided an answer was required!!!

Lucky for me I come from a family of many and varied talents and my Auntie Sue, (who Shannon called Soup for ages until I said Susie instead of Sue!) is an artist extroardinair and Art Therapist. Lucky for me again, Sue called me this afternoon (telepathy rocks!) and I told her my secret fear about my precious angel liking black best and guess what... it is merely that it is a bold color for a bold, charismatic little girl - no dark side in view! Children love bold colours because they can see them so clearly and they make a big impression against the light background! So YAY! Fears laid to rest for another day!!

I suppose I am just another paranoid mother - and there I thought I had broken the mould!


Bad Mommy said...

If you weren't paranoid we couldn't be friends. And please don't disillusion me: if our children don't have dark sides, how do you explain the evil grin and maniacal giggles?
~ Darma (aka badMommy)

Bad Mommy said...

On True Mom Confessions - did you see no. 3 for today?
"My diet consists almost entirely of coffee, chocolate, wine, and children's leftovers.
I wonder why I can't lose 10lbs. "

Did you Me Too it too??