Monday, June 04, 2007

Bad Advice makes me panic!

NORBERT IS HEALTHY! I have not added any plant food to his soil and his slightly yellow leaf has gone green and another 2 are spouting - Who says my fingers aren't green??? Huh???

2 comments: said...

I choose not to be impressed with Norbert!!!
I carted a bloody lemon tree in a HUGE pot that weighs about a ton & a half from Ladysmith 4 years ago & all it's ever done for me is get eaten by bugs! It is possibly the most mangy-est looking lemon tree wannabe i have ever seen. What should I do to mine??? oh... & after my fishtank cleaning expedition about 4 weeks ago which resulted in my drowning a fish (one has to wonder how I got that right!!!) anyway, we have now purchased a new fishy, a black moor, who sports the name Iggy (because he had Ick when we went to choose him!) He's sooo tiny in the tank and the other fish look like whales in comparison!

Bad Mommy said...

Go with your gut.