Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wanton Chaos!

I understand the plight of the teachers in this country - in almost all countries infact! Although they could not have chosen their career for the love of money as it is notoriously underpaid, they are not paid what they are worth to society. The job they do for the future job seekers, business owners and leaders of South Africa is vital and not compromisable! I can fathom their anger: the future of South Africa is in the hands of these caring professionals. Or so it would seem!

The thing that I find incomprehensibly wrong, is the manner in which these 'caring professionals' are choosing to make their point! In the Upper Highway alone today, schools were closed in every villiage and town and the children sent home... for fear of being attacked by the striking teachers! Not to mention the reports of Headmasters being beaten with baseball bats and teachers setting fire to the schools! THIS IS VERY, VERY WRONG! The pay rise they have thus far been awarded must be withdrawn to pay for damages until such time as order has been restored.

What worries me (other than the children, specifically in Matric, who are not being educated) is that since ALL the teaching Unions are behind this strike, and COSATU is (obviously) behind all the Unions, there seems no end to the potential problems! I have heard a report today that next week the rubish disposal workers and their Unions will be supporting the teachers - and Nurses! Who will be next? COSATU has called on 700 000 public workers to join the strike, but, thankfully, essential workers, such as firefighters, police officers and doctors are excused from the protests. Will the Government finally be brought to its knees by the crippling power of united striking public servants? What destruction and devastation will they cause on the way to making their point? Is there middle ground that can sort out this ugly mess? Who will suffer along the way?

All my questions can only be answered with time, I realise that - I just hope it doesn't take too much time, that no more of the facilities we are lucky enough to have in South Africa, are destroyed in the meantime, and that no more people are hurt - here's hoping!

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