Friday, June 22, 2007

Last orders at the bar!

There are 5 types of drink as far as Shannon is concerned these are: water, milk, coffee (not for her, for Daddy), tea (mommy), and "beeya"! The spelling is necessary as Shannon does not say beer she really annunciates it! I am not entirely sure how this came about, but it seems that any drink that comes with a bit of tsssssch and a bottle must be beer! Should I be concerned? The reason this has come to mind just at this stage is that Shannon's 3rd birthday is around the corner and there are a couple of universally connected issues that that brings to mind. Mostly because I believe there is some connectivity throughout the universe and continuity of things over time.

Here are my issues:

1. My VERY special 'baby' sister was born on June 24th...22years and 2days before Shannon, and for the last 2 years they have celebrated their birthdays on the same day - somewhat differently I must add but that is where my issue lies: how long will that last? How long will it be (I don't mean literally, I mean in unharnessable mommy years!) before my beautiful little girl is an independent, head strong, self-reliant adult turning 25 (yes Sooze you are getting old!) and commanding a party of 300 people to come and sing happy birthday to her? Time flies too fast for my liking!

2. Shannon was born @#$% years to the day that her Hendry grandfather (erm.. I mean Buddy) was born - now, do I need to elaborate on this one? Suffice to say Buddy knows how to have a good time too! My belief is that these people, Cancerians (is that even a word?), have magnetic personalities, drawing people to them in droves - how do you wrap that person in cotton wool and keep them safe for ever?

3. SHE IS ALREADY 3 YEARS OLD!!! Where has the time gone?

For the record June is a lean month for my family - at least it would be if our families were confined to one area... This is the list of Hendry/Coughlan June Birthdays (that I am aware of please update me if I have missed anyone off!)

2 June - Amy (niece)

8 June - Tracey (sister-in-law)

20 June - Kyle (nephew)

24 June - Suzi (sister)

26 June - Shannon, Buddy, Susie (Daughter, father-in-law, aunt)

28 June - Granny Coughlan (erm... granny)

Thankfully we are a global, internet savvy family and can fall back on email for birthdays!

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Bad Mommy said...

Yes, Cancerians do magnetise people towards themselves. I would give you examples, but canot as I must protect the innocent.

Second, unless I am mistaken you forgot a member of your (extended) family in your calculations: Jess!