Monday, June 25, 2007

Sleep Deprivation!

Someone told me, when I was pregnant with Shannon, that the days of 'enough' sleep were over, and from now until forever, for one child linked reason or other, I would never get another decent nights' sleep! Everyone else told me worst case scenario I was looking at a year of sleeplessness before everything returned to normal! Shannon is now 3! Notwithstanding the fact that She believes 530am is as good a time as any to get up and have breakfast she also manages to get me up anytime between 2 and 4am to either crawl into our bed or to be taken firmly back to her own. The vicious circle here is that I am SO tired from not sleeping through that anytime between 2 and 4am I do NOT get up and take her back to her bed and so she persists in coming into ours!

Then the kickboxing begins! More often than not I have the pleasure of having my already stuffy head cuddled, while Sean gets the pleasure of little feet in his ribs or up his nose, although sometimes we swop! Sean is worried that he will wake up this sleeping beauty by moving her so goes into her bed for his own space (although with the sleep deprivation sometimes even that is too much effort). You would think that would make things perfect in a double bed, except that Shannon still wants to cuddle my head (this implies mild suffocation for any of you who think this is cute) so I still don't get blissful uninterupted sleep.

Now I am pregnant. Round 2 begins and I don't even have the results for round one. I should have listened to that lone voice at the beginning which would at least have left me somewhat more prepared... turns out my mom always is right!

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