Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Morning (?) Sickness, Striking Wekkas and Assignments!

To some extent I feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment. When I was pregnant with Shannon I was VERY sick - not with the fantasy 'morning' sickness, but with the reality of All-Day-And-All-Night-Sickness! NOTHING made me feel better AT ALL and Sean offered to make me a special cushion to go around the base of the loo to protect my knees from too much damage! This time round I feel grotty; a bit grotty, all the time, eating helps a LOT so I devour as much fruit as is sensible in a day and the odd piece of toast! I am told time and again that this 'lack' of 'Morning' sickness is due to the fact that this time it is a boy! We shall see... sometime in January!

My sense of humour, which is vaguely diminished by the grotty feeling, was further frustrated yesterday by the lack of PRIVATE schooling facilities for Shannon to attend! While I normally spend my morning attempting to rid the world of fruit and complete various assignmnets for my degree, yesterday I got to colour, read (the same) stories over and over again and attempt to appease the gripes of a 3 year old who WANTED TO GO TO SCHOOL! The biggest problem I have with this is that Shannon is at a PRIVATE school - those teachers were not striking they were INTIMIDATED into closing their doors! I have an ASSIGNMENT due on Friday! I did not plan to take Wednesday off!

The two good things that came out of the day was the afternoon nap that I got to take in order to coerce my antisleep daughter into taking a well needed nap; and the conversation I had with Shannon about her picture on the wall... it went something like this:

Shannon: Look Mommy, that is your Shannon! (pointing to the picture)

Mommy: Yes, and you are also my Shannon.

Shannon: I am a good girl, that Shannon is naughty!

Mommy Why is she naughty?

Shannon: Coz she has her mouth open wide wide, up the sky! (implying, me thinks, that it was open very wide!

Mommy: But she is laughing!

Shannon: It is RUDE!

That was it - she would hear no more... The Shannon in the picture is STILL in trouble this morning!

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Bad Mommy said...

cute cute cute! I am platzed out! For the record my two pregnancies were exactly opposite and both girls! The stories are lies and you have a fifty/fifty chance either way. (Although I think it could be a boy :)