Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ah Parenthood!

This is to all those work-at-home Moms and Dads out there.

It seems to have become Shannon's latest means of getting out of whatever it is that Sean and I are attempting (usually vainly) to get her to cooperate with. "Leave me, I am working!" demands the little madam! I think this is hilarious when she says it and tend to - surprise, surprise - get the giggles. It is my feeling of dismay that follows that I am battling with at the moment! Sean and I have obviously said that to her enough times for it to have great significance to her such that if she is 'working' she must NOT be disturbed! I think this is a VERY unfortunate side effect to having work-at-home parents!


Norbert has 9 healthy green leaves and is thriving in his little moss covered soil - I think I will become known as the green fingered, lemon tree growing, genius of plants! (maybe in another least he is healthy!)


Sean bought me a new pillow! I have been feeling, for the last 2 months or so, like I have been standing in the path of a very regular and reliable bus! I put it down to being pregnant but had a niggly feeling that even with my million times worse morning sickness with Shannon, I didn't feel so much like that bus kept running me over! Anyway on Saturday morning Sean and Shannon were playing outside and I decided to sneak back to bed for a few minutes - I felt like I had gone to lie on a rockery! My pillow felt like it was full of granite! So I jumped up, leapt in the shower, demanded that we go to any shop that dealt in soft, squishy, comfy, pillows, and buy me a new one! So we did! I feel like I caught the bus now and am having the ride of my life! Last night I was WIDE awake for an hour and a half due to 'noises' that I kept imagining, and I STILL feel better than I have for the last 2 months! I LOVE my pillow!

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